Aloha, my name is Abby.

I'm from a small town in Missouri and have always had a craving to explore and travel. I went to the University of Arkansas (WPS) and lived out my dream as an SEC Razorback cheerleader. After graduation, I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to become a Christian missionary.

My passion for creating came alive. I found myself never forgetting my GoPro on an adventure. While posting these beautiful photos, I realized I wasn't sharing everything I wanted to.

The epic story behind the photo was missing - the terrifying ridges I had to scale to get the perfect shot, or the locals trying to cast their fishing lines over my head while I'm cliff jumping. Stories and small moments no one knows about by just viewing a photo on Instagram.

Here, this blog is for you - and for me. I hope to provide inspiration, passion, humor, & useful travel knowledge. For me I can finally share the journeys and let my thoughts run wild. These are the raw, unpolished parts of the adventures.