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What The Famous "Water Flume" Hike Is Really Like

What The Famous "Water Flume" Hike Is Really Like

Does this girl look like me from a distance?


My original intention was to ride the inflatable dolphin all the way down the flume, and post a super epic picture. What actually happened was I chickened out. But I still got a cool picture that kind of looks like me right? My reality is actually below in the video. 

So, here's the REAL story. This hike is actually illegal, that's why I'm not revealing where it actually is. We hopped several fences, hiked on private property, to the very back of the valleys. It's an extremely muddy hike, and my shoes were always drenched in mud afterwards. Here's the view within the first hour of hiking. And yes, that is pepper spray in my back pocket. You never know these days...


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Once we came to this breathtaking view, it's time to duck your head and slug through the underground (pitch dark) flumes. Water is at your ankles and sometimes up to your knees. Several people I've done this hike with, including myself, have hit our heads on the rocky ceiling dangling above. If you're not careful, you can get hurt during this part.

I always felt like I was in a zombie apocalypse - running for my life through the dark, narrow tunnels.

About an hour later, you'll see light at the end of the tunnel. Then, you'll see the raging water flume. You can use the slippery, muddy rope on the side to hoist yourself up the flume (also very dangerous). I almost slipped several times and saw my life flash before my eyes. 

I brought the inflatable dolphin to try and slide down. I took one look down, and said, "Absolutely not!" I left the dolphin at the top, and slid my weenie self down on the boogie board instead. It always hurt when you hit the water at the bottom. That water is dirty and nasty, you can't see anything underneath you.  Also, you can't tell, but there's actually a little concrete ledge that sticks out at the bottom of the flume. I've heard many people braking their arms and hands when they slide down.

There was a young couple that we met at the flume, and the girl said she would use the dolphin to go down the slide. I made sure to grab my go pro for a picture. She screamed as she rode the dolphin down, and landed sideways. When she got out of the water, we all asked if she was okay. She held her hand out, and it was gushing with blood and already bruised.

This flume slide isn't as "fun and harmless" as everyone makes it out to be on social media. It's a beautiful place to visit, and to say I've been down the flume.


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