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What I Didn't Expect Moving To Hawaii

What I Didn't Expect Moving To Hawaii

1. Cell phones are illegal to be on while driving. You're more likely to get pulled over for talking on your phone, than for speeding.  

2. Not everywhere is paradise - especially where I lived.

3. I saved a lot of money by doing activities that were free - such as going to the beach/hikes vs. going shopping and the movies.

4. It's very spiritually dark. If you stay in Hawaii long enough, especially in certain areas, you WILL experience something paranormal.

5. It snows on top of our tallest volcano. You can pack snow in the bed of your truck, drive 2 hours down to the beach, and build a snowman in the sand.

6. There are no good Mexican restaurants. Their version of queso is nacho cheese dip.

7. Hawaii time is actually real. Everyone runs about 5-10 minutes late.

8. It gets cold in the winter - where I lived. It got down in 50's at night, and I didn't have a heating system. So I had to buy a heating blanket.

9. There are no snakes, or poison ivy/oak. Basically anything that would terrorize you while exploring in the woods, is nonexistent in Hawaii.

10. Cosco is the goat. You need to have a Cosco membership. You will save so much money on food and gas.

11. People say "how's zit?" To mean, "How are you?" But only the locals are allowed to ask it in that way. If I tried, I was immediately judged and was told, "Never say that again Abby!"

12. Most places close at 7pm or 8pm. The entire island shuts down in the evening. There is no night life whatsoever.

13. Shave ice is as big as your face. If you haven't tried it... You are missing out. If you're on the Big Island, you need to go to Big Island Shave Ice Inc. It's the absolute best.

14. People pop by and come over whenever. See, in the Midwest, we make plans a few days out or a week prior. Then, we meet for shopping, dinner, or coffee. Am I right? I was thrown off when my new Hawaiian friends would be knocking at my door asking to come inside my room and just hang out completely unannounced. I eventually grew to like the culture in that aspect, because it's a lot more personable!! I felt a lot closer to those friends in a short amount of time.

15. There is hardly any shopping at all. Are you a fan of Ulta Beauty? Or Forever 21? Good luck finding places to shop if you are a young adult. Amazon Prime became my friend very quickly. 


These are only a few things that I didn't expect moving to Hawaii. It's A LOT different when you live there vs. just visiting. As a tourist... You only see the highlights and a "fantasy life". But actually living there is just like living any place else (except the weather, beach, etc.). You still have bills to pay, a job to have, and a real life to keep going.  

Yes, it is a different lifestyle. After work, I had the option of going to the beach or on a hike. But, life goes on there just like it does living on the mainland or other places. 

Overall, there was a lot I didn't expect and learned in a short amount of time. I tried to adapt to the new culture as quickly as possible, and fell in love with the actual LIFESTYLE of living there!  

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